My work reflects my joint vision as both an architect and an artist as well as my love for geometrical abstraction, and also draws inspiration from pioneering kinetic art.


I am sensitive to rationality and pure form and prefer directed rather than random organization of thought. My work is governed by proportion, logic and mathematical series such as the Golden Number or the Fibonacci series, aiming at a conjunction of discipline and sensibility.


The volumes of my architectural compositions push painting into the third dimension and interact with the environment. A slight, almost imperceptible movement of the visitor or the light constantly renew the work.


I have lately incorporated references to genealogy as well as writing of numbers of ancient civilizations, like the mayan or chinese numeration, adding a time dimension in my work.


Wood, steel, canvas, acrylic paint, plexiglass and gold leaf are used to create my universe rooted in geometry and architecture: backlit perforated canvasses, wall sculptures made of repeated geometrical items arranged in sequential colors, streamlined luminous sculptures of imaginary skyscrapers, monumental sculptures the dimensions of which reflect a specific time frame, as well as endless suspensions.


And as any architect, I love to take up space. My major installations were in private and public buildings (Palais de la Folle Chanson, Royal Warehouse of Tours and Taxis, both in Brussels, EDF Tower, La Défense, Paris, and Palazzo Mora, Venice)